Government agencies and other regulatory organizations are arguably more active and aggressive now than in the past, due at least in part to the recent business climate. The stakes are high in these types of cases regardless of whether the investigation involves securities issues, insurance matters, or professional licenses of all types, and whether they are civil investigations or criminal prosecutions. An individual’s reputation, time, finances, and perhaps their very livelihood, can be on the line. That is why both businesses and individuals tum to Halloran Law Offices for help in these matters.

No matter the type of government or regulatory investigation, it is important to consult with an attorney from the very onset, to investigate the situation and formulate a strategy for responding to the investigation or prosecution. Attorney Halloran assists businesses and individuals who are the subject of a government or regulatory investigation in responding promptly and appropriately and by providing advice regarding legal options for avoiding serious consequences.

Attorney Halloran also applies his litigation and advocacy skills in many venues other than traditional courtrooms. He regularly handles all forms of proceedings before administrative law judges in DWD and LIRC matters. He has also appeared before all professional boards, including the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulations, the Medical Examining Board, the Board of Nursing, the Psychology Examining Board and the Dentistry Examining Board. He handles contested case hearings before the Department of Natural Resources and he represents his clients’ interests before diverse venues ranging from the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance to the Tax Appeals Commission to the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions. Additionally, Attorney Halloran handles all matters of Chapter 227 appeal proceedings through the Circuit and Appellate Court systems.


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