In Wisconsin, environmental law involves a complex series of interrelated federal, state, and local regulations. Attorney Halloran helps his clients comply with these regulatory obligations and prepare for the constant changes in environmental regulatory policies. His breadth of experience and in-depth knowledge allows him to provide experienced legal advice in virtually all facets of environmental law at both the state and federal level. Attorney Halloran’ s experience includes bringing together multidisciplinary teams such as environmental engineers and other experts to help clients address issues in areas such as air and water quality, storm water runoff, waste management and site remediation.

Attorney Halloran has defended clients in regulatory actions and prosecutions in state and federal courts and in administrative proceedings before both state and federal regulatory agencies. He has also prosecuted environmental claims on behalf of public interest organizations and concerned citizen groups. His experience on both sides of these issues makes him uniquely qualified to assist his clients in these matters.

In addition to advising his clients on environmental law issues, Attorney Halloran is committed to improving the environment in the community in which he lives. He regularly provides advice to local environmental organizations and has served on various environmental advisory boards.


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