Attorney Halloran has more than three decades of experience defending individuals and businesses facing serious criminal charges including DUI and traffic offences. He has a proven track record of success in federal, state, and municipal courts. A criminal conviction can affect one’s life for years. In Wisconsin, a convicted felon cannot join the military, own a gun, or even attend some graduate schools. Post-secondary scholarships, loans and grants can also be affected. In addition, it may be difficult to secure employment with a record of conviction and licensed professionals may face additional disciplinary action from a governing board or licensing body.  Traffic and DUI convictions can also have a significant impact, including loss of driving privileges, increased insurance costs, substantial fines and penalties, and even time in jail.  In all these cases, Attorney Halloran is committed to protecting his clients’ rights and to developing a legal strategy aimed at eliminating or reducing the potential negative consequences of a criminal/traffic conviction or professional disciplinary action.


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