Criminal and Professional License Defense

//Criminal and Professional License Defense
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Attorney Halloran has more than three decades of experience defending individuals and businesses facing serious criminal and regulatory allegations. He has a proven track record of success in federal, state, and municipal courts. A criminal conviction can affect one’s life for years. In Wisconsin, a convicted felon cannot join the military, own a gun, or even attend some graduate schools. Post-secondary scholarships, loans and grants can also be affected. In addition, it may be difficult to secure employment with a record of conviction and licensed professionals may face additional disciplinary action from a governing board or licensing body. Attorney Halloran’s criminal defense practice includes:

  • Traffic and DUI offenses
  • State misdemeanors and felonies
  • Federal criminal matters
  • White collar crimes and regulatory matters
  • Professional license defense
  • Immigration defense
  • Environmental enforcement actions

Attorney Halloran is committed to protecting his clients’ constitutional rights and to developing a legal strategy aimed at eliminating or redirecting the potential negative consequences of a criminal conviction or professional disciplinary action.


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